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“Tieshena is a BEAST! There really is no other way to describe her creativity, tenacity, and marketing strategies when it comes to book writing projects. She fine-tuned my concept and was able to visualize my idea just by my unpolished description of the project. She provides the tools necessary to help authors and their projects remain relevant and to create other projects and platforms to generate income.”



To develop and grow Camouflaged Sisters into a national brand.


Originally, Lila had given the book a working title of Duty, Honor & Serve to express a unified message that all military women could relate to. She thought by simply sharing military women’s experiences, she’d have a competitive edge, but she didn’t know the title alone wasn’t distinctive enough to differentiate her book concept from others in the marketplace.


I asked Lila to describe words that represented the audience she wanted the book to attract. She used the words: “challenges,” “issues,” “problems,” and “African American.” I then asked her, what will African American women share with the audience through their stories? This led her to say two significant keywords: “reveal struggles.”


Summarizing the keywords, along with focusing on the demographic of black women, created an opportunity to target an untapped market: black women who were (or are) hiding and enduring military struggles. This became the framework for developing a unique concept and concise book title: Camouflaged Sisters: Revealing Struggles of the Black Woman Military Experience. From there, I was able to connect Lila’s core message to a visual theme, illustrating and narrating what it means to be in camouflage (hiding), from her perspective. By adjusting the book title and using distinctive book cover elements and a camouflage color scheme, the book made an instant emotional connection with her target audience, which helped her quickly expand her reach and build a new global community for “camouflaged” sisters in arms.


  • Sold nearly 1000 books during pre-sales launch.
  • Camouflaged Sisters, Vol 1 became an Amazon Bestseller.
  • Secured 7 speaking engagements within 4 different states.
  • Secured 6 major media opportunities including, Killeen Daily Herald Newspaper, KWBU 103.3 FM, The Huffington Post, The Root, and Black Girls Rock Facebook Page.
  • Launched radio show, In Session with the Camouflaged Sisters within first 5 months of book release.
  • Lila grew her national platform as a women veterans career expert.

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Lila Holley

Lila Holley is an award-winning, multi-bestselling author, veteran transition coach, and founder of the Camouflaged Sisters Movement.

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