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Solutions for Successfully Telling and Selling Your Book


Many people have often wanted to write book about their lives or any other topics but may not understand how to promote their product. While writing is the foundation of becoming an author, planning and promoting plays an essential role in how successful your book is in its target market. Read more

3 Reasons Why Every Entrepreneur Should Write a Book


As a former business management consultant, I worked with some of the top influential solopreneurs–coaches and speakers–who were also authors with published work. While we often explored sales tactics around selling books in the “back of the room” sales at speaking engagements, sending buyers to Amazon or their website, and planning book tours, I questioned, “Why aren’t book sales being made every day? How is this truly adding to their bottom line? Read more

How to Leverage a Bestselling Book in a Saturated Market


A “bestseller” simply means a certain book has produced more sales than others in a given category, under a specific time-frame, through retail stores (online or brick-and-mortar locations). That could be over a few hours, days, weeks, months, or even years. Even with having a quality book in the marketplace, it can still get lost in the “noise” and do very little to support your business growth, if not leveraged correctly. Read more

Bestselling Writer Tieshena Davis Talks About Biggest Achievements


My leadership style is participative. I heavily rely on the input and recommendations of my team to make the best decisions for our clients and overall operational functions. Collaboration is essential in progressive environments, so the participation of everyone is not only welcomed but tremendously valued. Read more

3 Ways to Gain Massive Sals from Self-Help Books


Every author’s dream is to sell thousands of books and simultaneously build their platform to reach the masses with their message, yet the majority never achieve this goal due to lack of sales skills. Many authors quickly lose confidence when they discover that it requires a bit more than participating at local book signing events or screaming “buy my book” on social media. Read more

Stop Killing Your Book Sales! 7 Common Mistakes Self-Published Authors Should Avoid 


Many writers, especially entrepreneurs, have turned to self-publishing as an option to get their books in the marketplace, quickly and affordably, in hopes of gaining more business and increased revenues. However, most authors are unable to tap into revenue potential because they omit important processes before and after their book launch, making it difficult for their books to be listed on online bookstores or getting traditional bookstore shelf placement. Read more

3 Types of Books You Can Publish When You’re Not a Writer


While writing a book has its many benefits–including showcasing your specific knowledge, insights, and opinions as it relates to your niche–writing a book isn’t every entrepreneur’s strength nor desire. However, there are several creative options to authoring a quality published book that may require little or no actual writing from the entrepreneur. In this article, I’ll share three types of books that you can author in a short time frame with a “long-money” return. Read more