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“Tieshena is a wealth of information. What makes her stand apart from the rest is that she is not afraid to share her wisdom and knowledge. I love that she gets just as excited for us when we try her advice and it works, as much as she feels our frustration when we use the tools but sometimes don’t get an immediate “Yes.” She is always available for reassurance and that extra motivation to use just a little more effort.”



To reach a new audience outside of her existing network.


Like many new authors, Shani tried to promote her book to everyone who she thought would support her. She attempted to drive book sales in various ways but had little results, so her daily efforts became timely, exhausting, and unmotivated.


After I reviewed the book, I asked Shani, “What are your core values and beliefs?” Additionally, I asked, “What is the biggest challenge that your ideal readers are currently facing in their life as it relates to their own spiritual belief system?”


I gave Shani a marketing plan to include five simple ways to seek out women (and men) who struggle with developing faith and practicing consistent prayer. This would align the focus on a very specific audience and niche market to attract book buyers and secure faith-based speaking opportunities. Vending at Christian-based events, engaging on Twitter using targeted hashtags, and building relationships were the most instrumental strategies we implemented to help Shani gain more speaking opportunities and increase overall book sales.


  • Sold over 200 books within the first 3 months of release.
  • Secured 15 speaking engagements by the end of the first year.
  • Launched online radio show, Sharing with Shani
  • Introduced Shani to an targeted audience of 5000+ targeted buyers.

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Shani E. McIlwain

Shani E. McIlwain is an inspirational speaker and author of the bestselling 90-day devotional, Sharing My Mess.

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