you need it, i got it!


With almost 30 million entrepreneurs in the United States alone, it is easy to get lost in the shuffle, causing you to be overlooked, overworked, and overwhelmed in your business. To stand out, it is imperative for you as a business owner to foster brand sensibility and effectively market, and most importantly, follow through with the unique solutions you can offer to your ideal audience.

Compiled by Multi-Award-Winning Entrepreneur, Tieshena Davis, You Need It, I Got It spotlights sixteen trusted coaches, consultants, and advisors who share industry-specific lessons and strategies to teach you how to conquer common entrepreneurial challenges, tailor your passions to guarantee the betterment of your business, and dominate in your niche.

Through transparent advice on tried-and-tested practices for success, this book provides an invaluable space for you to connect with global leaders in entrepreneurship and use their expertise to build on your own, making it possible for you to grow your audience, increase your visibility, and expand your influence.

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