Authorlocity®: The Top Strategy to Expand Your Unique Expertise

Commanding the attention of a new audience or key decision makers is a big challenge for executives, entrepreneurs, and career professionals who are navigating a competitive market. This presentation will teach you how to build credibility, command attention, and brand yourself as a reliable problem-solver through the power of prescriptive writing.

Think Like a Bookpreneur: Ways to Monetize Your Book Beyond Traditional Sales

A well written and organized book can be the launch pad to creating a profitable business model for long-term author success. In this session, Tieshena will share how any author can transform their book into multiple streams of income, acquire new consumers, and identify new revenue-generating opportunities.

Book Publishing 101: What You Need to Know

Publishing a book can be the start of life-long career if you strategically plan, position, and promote your book prior to its official release. Learn the are essential steps that should be addressed in the months before your book launch to fully maximize the possibilities, opportunities and advantages of being a brilliant writer.

Make It Buzz: Building a Brand in a Digital Era

In this day and age, identity alone won’t convey that you’re the go-to author, expert or business to solve their unique problems. Today’s buyers heavily rely on our digital assets to access new information, measure our credibility and establish trust before making a purchase. Learn the 10 strategies required to build a noticeable brand in this digital era.

Mastering the Art of Content Marketing

Generating new leads for your book, brand or business is a never ending activity that can’t be ignored. The challenge for most is–how to communicate value, demonstrate expertise or nurture contacts until they buy. In this presentation, learn how to effectively convert curiosity into sales using a systematic content delivery strategy.

Raise Your Value: Increasing Visibility and Influence at Work

You have the knowledge, skills and abilities to do the job; you may even have years of experience and a list of respected academic credentials—but somehow—you’re still being overlooked, ignored or forgotten. Ideal for career professionals and entrepreneurs, learn 3 ways to use writing as an asset to become the in-demand subject matter authority for advice and help.

How to Drive Organizational Growth

Growing requires grit, and grit requires continual execution, refinement and innovation. Often organizations face a breakdown in one of these areas due to either poor leadership, infrastructure, or performance; which ultimately decreases their results, reputation and revenue. During this presentation, Tieshena shares her proven methodology on how to be more economical, efficient and effective in an ever-changing environment. 

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