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“My overall experience working with Tieshena has been life changing! I have written articles for several magazines, and I am more confident in my writing abilities because of Tieshena, who brings out the best writer in me. Those who work with her will experience nothing but the best. I consider working with Tie a lifelong partnership.”



To publish and launch his book with maximum sales impact.


Initially, Lamar had deemed his book title, The Seven Ingredients to Making a Cake: Marriage Made Sweet, non-negotiable because he didn’t understand how niche marketing would impact his book sales.


Using a visual analysis, I asked Lamar to imagine walking through a bookstore and seeing a book entitled The Seven Ingredients to Making a Cake with a picture of a wedding cake on the cover. Once he confirmed the visual, I asked him, what did he instantly think the book was about? In that moment Lamar realized why the title and subtitle needed to be changed, so the book wouldn’t attract people who wanted to learn how to make a wedding cake, which was far from his intended message.


We changed the title to Marriage Made Sweet to reflect the book’s subject matter, and then repurposed and revised the subtitle to “7 Ingredients for Making a Happy & Healthy Relationship” to give a clear description of what the book is about. This change simplified his message, making it clear that there are seven fundamental components (or, the seven most important ingredients) to building a happy marriage, which he compares to baking a cake. Because Lamar is a pastor, he easily identified and targeted faith-based events, churches, groups for couples, and other relationship conferences to acquire book sales.


  • Lamar became a credible thought-leader in marriage and relationships.
  • Sold over 200 books within the first month of release.
  • Success of the book led to new bulk sales, media and speaking opportunities.

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Lamar McIntyre

Lamar McIntyre is the author of Marriage Made Sweet: 7 Ingredients for Making a Happy & Healthy Relationship.

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